Grievance Policy


Concerns and Complaints

Effective communication helps avoid and resolve many complaints, concerns, misunderstandings and disagreements.  Individuals who have a complaint or concern should discuss their concerns with the school personnel involved in the issue at hand in an effort to resolve problems.   This step will usually involve communicating directly with the person or persons with whom the complainant has a concern.  This step may be skipped when the complainant in good faith believes that speaking directly to the person would subject the complainant to discrimination, harassment or retaliation.

This step may also be skipped if the complainant in good faith believes that any law or a District policy or written rule has been violated.  The District has adopted specific procedures for investigation and resolution for complaints or concerns as required by specific and varying laws that are applicable to the District.  The District’s Compliance Officer should be contacted with any complaints or concerns that any law or District written rule has been violated, including but not limited to, laws relating to: civil rights, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation; special education matters including the IEP and 504 processes and services; federal programs and related services; bullying; and The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, including student records and confidentiality.

When communicating directly with the school personnel involved in the issue does not resolve matters satisfactorily, or if it is appropriate to skip the first step as described above, a complainant should consult with the District’s Compliance Officer who will direct the complainant to the appropriate process for resolution of the complaint.   The District designates the following individual to act as the District’s Compliance Officer:

Name:                        Heather Shaffer, Elementary Principal

Phone #:                    (660) 653-2301

Email Address:         [email protected]

In the event the District’s Compliance Officer is unavailable or is the subject of a report that would otherwise be made to the Compliance Officer, reports should instead be directed to the alternative Compliance Officer:

Name:                        Kyle Stoecklein, Secondary Principal

Phone #:                    (660) 653-4313

Email Address:         [email protected]

All complaints of violation of any law or a District policy or written rule will be promptly investigated by the District, and appropriate action will be taken.  Complainants are strongly encouraged to provide their concerns in writing.